HP Scan Extended Download

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HP Scan Extended Download
HP Scan Extended Download

HP Scan Extended is an advanced scanning program and image registration program for HP and Samsung scanner users with advanced features. It is available for all operating systems including Windows, Windows 10.

Save scanned images in the program as PDF, save as JPEG, send directly by e-mail from PDF and JPEG formats, manually and manually send to the cloud by scanning the scanned document type as a single-sided photo or document.

You can choose to scan page size, scan flatbed or as document editor if installed, create shortcuts for new scans, and unlimited scans up to the number you want.

Installation (Image): Unzip the HPScanExt.zip file downloaded for HP Scan Extended. Run the HPScanExt.exe setup file in the folder and confirm the installation.

You can save your image system by making size settings and rotation settings from the window that opens after scanning. After scanning, you can review the scanned document or photo from the image viewer according to your settings.

HP Scan Extended Initial Setup

HP Scan Extended Final Download

HP Scan Extended Enhanced HP and Samsung Scanner Program

Proceed from the first installation phase, confirm again in the second installation phase and finalize the installation. If your HP or Samsung scanner has already been introduced, you will see your scan-enabled scanner model or just the scanner in the pop-up window. You can start using the program.

Download Driver for HP Scan Extended (Advanced HP and Samsung Scanner Program)